Jewelery and Experiment

Catalogue, 2018
arnoldsche Art Publishers
Monika Fahn / Pravu Mazumdar / Corinna Rösner / Bernhart Schwenk
96 pages, 21 × 28 cm, 117 Color illustrations, hardcover German / English

»In Gisbert Stach’s (b. 1963) multifaceted oeuvre the primarily conceptual artist combines jewellery with video, photography and performance. One focus of Gisbert Stach’s work deals with processes of transformation and experiment – pieces disappear through chemical dissolution, and form is determined by agencies of growth in nature. Stach works with means of alienation and irritation. Ground amber serves as pigment, which he works into jewellery pieces in the form of fish fingers, sliced bread or schnitzel. A further characteristic of his work is the performative act, for example when brooches are pelted with knives.«

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